Friday, October 1, 2010

100 Wishes


Semua orang ade impian masing-masing. Tak kirelah sama ada akan tercapai atau tidak tercapai. Impian hanya sekadar impian. Kalau kite dapat mencapai impian tuh. Itu hanya satu bonus bagi kite kan? Ape impian Fahmie? Ape yang Fahmie harapkan dalam hidup nie? Ape yang Fahmie nak dapat sebelum Fahmie meningkat usia?? Berikut Fahmie senaraikan 100 Wishes Fahmie yang Fahmie harap Fahmie akan tercapai walaupun ade yang mustahil.

100 Wishes:

1. have a girlfriend for couple
2. for me to pass the semester
3. graduate from a college
4. get a good job
5. for me to be a better person; spiritually,mentally, physically
6. for that one relationship with Love Interest™ to come true.
7. be a dean list student
8. do intern on big company in JB
9. meet up with My Friends that i know using social network
10. to finally start collecting Gundam Collection and put on my wardrobe
11. to finally be in a healthy, working, loving relationship with someone
12. meet with Eminem and tell him how cool he is
13. meet with Micheal Buble and personally thank him for their music
14. wear a round neck t-shirt designed by me, myself and I.
15. would be lucky enough to kiss Ayumi Hamasaki (*wink*)
16. for people to take notice on what i have suggest to him/her
17. for people to appreciate my stories, my write, and my mind keys
18. for all the people who’ve wronged me to get what they deserve
19. kick the robbery's ass coz take my N-Gage phone and all the money
20. reading as my new hobby during free time
21. create my own website that 'll take all the money someone subscribe
22. wear a Man Kajang Collection dress on my wedding day (Yes, i HAVE thought bout it)
23. bit Akura Imada record time attack on Grandturismo games.double thumb up
24. more Need For Speed expansion packs
25. Go to uptown of Japan and New York and just soak in the city
26. to have a white FAT Persian female cat and call it "Lollita" (Sory Syida...hehe)
27. get myself a Lord Of The Ring's ring
28. have my name and my beloved on my ring
29. to live in chic, modern apartment and furniture all from Ikea
30. wearing K-2 Fashion while working on my event
31. have a great lady boss (wow..)
32. to say "I Love You" to someone, and deeply, honestly mean it
33. propose of couple on the dark room
34. complete a 1,000 puzzle by my own (no cheating)
35. complete a masterpiece that I’ll treasure forever, like Da Vinci to the Mona Lisa
36. watch a theater musical with my beloved
37. legally have my driving license
38. have a leather jacket (something like Jack Afron wearing)
39. learn and start editing my picture
40. have a great kudos on my editing picture
41. full the big mug with coins
42. more shoes and sandals
43. to find a perfect coffee shop to get my daily dose everyday
44. still being able to afford the monthly accessory and brand new sneekers.
45. to buy one frilly costume, wear it and not look gaudy ala HaraJuku style.
46. finally finish a drama series (finished a lot of drama series)
47. realize that it’s not always so bad sometimes
48. go to remote places not like Japan or Taiwan, more like Goa/Calcutta or Yangon :)
49. visit the ancient Egypt master piece and see with my own eyes of the Mummy
50. go to a prom/dance, because I've never in my life!
51. shopping all day long without disturb by others
52. more road trips with The Gang, this time to more beaches or even outside the country!
53. to get better in shooter games :p
54. bit my brother on Guitar Hero 3 games
55. to one day, get married to the woman of my dreams
56. ride a go kart and drive like a crazy with the Gangs
57. the Gangs and i out into the city somewhere and just hang out like the rock star whores we are
58. to read more, you’d be surprised at how atrocious some of today’s writings are (I’m looking at you Twilight)
59. brush up on my Mandarin, I still have my old workbooks haha
60. I want karaoke.  Maybe once would be enough.
61. going back to my old hobby of watching animation
62. to inspire someone
63. to telling the people who deserve it, "i told you so"
64. to never forget that, for every bad thing that happens, there’s always a good reason for it.
65. to have people that there’s nothing wrong with being absolutely dorky and geeky, it’s all in moderation, yo.
66. study more about My Phone software programming to make my phone different from others phone
67. eat more regular meals hehe
68. to win a contest (big contest)
69. stop smoking ---arggh dis one is hard to get
70. to own a new Mini Cooper
71. colored my hair with funky color
72. to have a proper Halloween party
73. joint a crazy theme party with Lady Gaga VS Katy Perry theme..uuuuu
74. go to the sandy beaches and scream like hell
75. got an Apple Macbook Pro the latest model
76. own iPod on my pocket and listen the latest song on billboard(has been sold)
77. she coming back to me
78. eat baskin robin icecream with ice blog on my other hand
79. have an offer continue my study on Event Management at UiTM Shah Alam making my degree
80. drive a car more then 200km/h
81. jogging at the beach early in the morning and wearing full set Nike
82. one night at luxury boat
83. personally meat the Donalds Trum and be his new apprentices
84. lucky enough to spend whole day with my first love
85. go overseas to watch Chelsea on Final
86. learning with David Backhem how he use BIO MECHANICS during free kick
87. have own jet plane travel every weeks
88. have a great amount of money on my account
89. go to the hunted house and spend a night there (it would be scary)
90. have a new identity card on age of 21 coz my face awful
91. have all color of Geordano plaint t-shirt
92. shopping with a visa titanium card (hope so)
93. meet again with Ezaty Hassan, Akmal Hilmi, Tia, and Farhana Fatin. Damn i really miss you dear.
94. meet someone that i never meet before that is , Bee Nisa, and Qia (aha.. all of them ladies haizz)
95. finish reading of great novel
96. found the mystery gurl on my dream that is my classmate during Tabika Kemas 1995
97. learn how to hack PC
98. watch sunset with my love one
99. have new BFFs
100. write another 100 wishes hahaha

Ade 59 wish lagi yang belum terlaksana. Bile la nak terlaksana semuanyer.

p/s: Apesal Fahmie tulis bahasa Inggeris kerana kalau dalam bahasa melayu tak menarik bacenyer nanti.
p/s/s: Fahmie tertanyer-tanyer korang punyer 100 wishes ape pulak? 
p/s/s/s: Fahmie mencabar kepada sesiapa yang membace entry nie untuk menulis 100 wishes jugak.
p/berape banyak s lah: Kalau dah buat 100 wishes. Bagi tawu Fahmie yerk.

29 Organisma:

Yui_Wani said... Best Blogger Tips[Menjawab]

Hahaha~!!!! Gua sudah men go-kart macam orang gila~ giler bez~!!!! Woot woot! ^0^ Tengoklah...kalo ade mase nak bwat 100 wish...tettttt~~~

Zulfahmi Abidin said... Best Blogger Tips[Menjawab]

wah2..mesti best kan main go kart...ala..pas ni ajak la fahmie ...

Yui_Wani said... Best Blogger Tips[Menjawab]

@Zulfahmi Abidin
Bez yg tidak terhingga~ ^0^ Bleh2~ asal fahmie belanja. Hahah~!

Zulfahmi Abidin said... Best Blogger Tips[Menjawab]

eleh..konon nk jeles kn org nie..tak heran.nanak la blanje.bawk mak lagi bagus.wek.

Yui_Wani said... Best Blogger Tips[Menjawab]

@Zulfahmi Abidin
Yer...nak jeleskan fahmie. Bez giler giler men go kart~!!!! Wooohooo~~ langgat2 org, kene langgar pun ade...accident pun ade, langgar tong drum. haha~! drift sane, drift sini. xDD Uishh~ susah hati kalo mak hang tgk hang maen bende tu...haha~ xD

Umie Nadhirah said... Best Blogger Tips[Menjawab]


Zulfahmi Abidin said... Best Blogger Tips[Menjawab]

yui kejam..tak nk kawan yui..

Zulfahmi Abidin said... Best Blogger Tips[Menjawab]

@Umie Nadhirah
tapi nk buat lagi 100 nie ha....

Sophia Rani said... Best Blogger Tips[Menjawab]

apal takde wish untuk jumpa sofie..?? hahaha

Zulfahmi Abidin said... Best Blogger Tips[Menjawab]

@Sophia Rani
sophie tak ckp pon nk jumpe fahmie mcm ne nk jmpe...eleh...msg pn takde..

Nizam Limited said... Best Blogger Tips[Menjawab]

uiks..ko pernah bermalam dlm haunted house ke..kat mane tu..ade jumpa pape tak? ngehh..

Sophia Rani said... Best Blogger Tips[Menjawab]

alaa.. macam tu pulak.. ;p

Zulfahmi Abidin said... Best Blogger Tips[Menjawab]

@Nizam Limited
takde jmpe ape pon...siap ckp besar lagi kat sane..tipu la org masyarakat kate umah tuh berantuh..

tempatnyer Villa Nabila..aku pegi mase tahun 2007.....

Zulfahmi Abidin said... Best Blogger Tips[Menjawab]

@Sophia Rani
so ape kate sophie bagi no phone..then kte aturkan perjumpaan.nak???

Sophia Rani said... Best Blogger Tips[Menjawab]

hahaha... leh je... nnt ym je laa..

Zulfahmi Abidin said... Best Blogger Tips[Menjawab]

@Sophia Rani
ades..skrg tak boleh ker...(teruja)

FIFIEY LYCHEE MARATION said... Best Blogger Tips[Menjawab]

omg!!! banyakny wishes;DDD nk jugak la make wishes list mcmni. hahahha.. pasti lebih lucu liatnya.

Zulfahmi Abidin said... Best Blogger Tips[Menjawab]

hehehe.okey buat lah..nanti bagi twu k...

Yui_Wani said... Best Blogger Tips[Menjawab]
This comment has been removed by the author.
Yui_Wani said... Best Blogger Tips[Menjawab]

@Zulfahmi Abidin
Hahaa~ xD baru taw yui kejam...xDD tak nk kawan? T__T

Zulfahmi Abidin said... Best Blogger Tips[Menjawab]

a'ah eak bile mase yui baik.wek2....yer..nanti dah nk kawan bagi twu ye...hehee

Yui_Wani said... Best Blogger Tips[Menjawab]

@Zulfahmi Abidin
-_-" nak kene budak nie. Boooo~ haha said... Best Blogger Tips[Menjawab]

wait for my 100 wishes pulak yea ^__^

imiarun said... Best Blogger Tips[Menjawab]

most wishes dkt sama kot . tp nanti ime wat 100 wishes yang laen drpd org laen . hhe

Zulfahmi Abidin said... Best Blogger Tips[Menjawab] tgh tunggu la nie.hehehe

Zulfahmi Abidin said... Best Blogger Tips[Menjawab]

@imiarun mcm ne leh dekat same lak..tipu jer..

Nur Hafizah bte Za'ba a.k.a SuperCSI Fiza said... Best Blogger Tips[Menjawab]

bahasa penjajah ! ! !
benci !

Zulfahmi Abidin said... Best Blogger Tips[Menjawab]

@Nur Hafizah bte Za'ba a.k.a SuperCSI Fiza sejak bile la ko benci bahase penjajah.^_^

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips[Menjawab]

Il semble que vous soyez un expert dans ce domaine, vos remarques sont tres interessantes, merci.

- Daniel

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